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Surgical implants and surgical fixation devices

We deliver a wide array of devices and surgical implants focused on helping surgeons in treating the cranium, mandibular, maxillofacial skeleton and sternum closure. Our portfolio encompasses a number of essentials for CMF and Cardiothoracic surgery including implants, instruments, e-tools and specialized patient-matched services to support clinicians, patients and hospitals.
We are here to enable surgeons to achieve the best possible outcome for their patients. We are and shall always remain a doctor-friendly company. OMNIPORE Surgical Implants are manufactured from a linear high-density polyethylene, which has a long history of use in surgical implants. OMNIPORE Surgical Implants allows for tissue ingrowth because of its interconnecting open pore structure. Our implants : Facial shape for chin , malar , rim , midface and mandibular augmentation. Reconstructive shapes for traumatic defects and Microtic ears. Sheets, wedges and blocks for orbital trauma and enophthalmus correction. Spheres for volume replacement in enucleation and evisceration procedures.

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